Interpret your dreams by yourself

Can i interpret my dreams by myself ?

Of course, you can. Don't never forget that the meaning of dream is only for you. So you can understand his meaning with little work and logic.

How to differentiate between a true and false dream ?

That maybe one of the most difficult question, because it's depend of you and only  you. Some dreams are caused by our daily life, so it's just a kind of transposition of what happen in your life. For example, if you have many difficulties in professionnal field, that your dreams will reflect theses worries.

Trues dreams are very different. You know that this one is very particular. It take some experience to differentiate but it's not as difficult that you think.

What the most important ? Symbols, Person or overall dream ?

No one, the most important part of interpretation of dream is your perception of this dream. When you have a  dream, ask yourself the following questions :

  • Why i think that this dream is important ?
  • Is this dream is related to a event who have happen in my life ?
  • What is my perception of the symbols that i have seen ?

The second question is important. For example, many ask me a interpretation after that big changes will happen in their life such as marriage, divorce, changing work, etc. After that event, you can dream about it and some will be thinking that it's a kind of message if this is good choice or not. But remember, it's maybe a dream who is caused because you are obsessed by this event and there are not such as message in it.

The third question is sometimes neglected by professionnal interpreters. They rely only on symbols and not the meaning of the symbol for this person.

Look this dream for example : 

A muslim women dream that she dance in a mosque. And we don't need the book of Bin Sirin or to ask a interpreter to know that it's a bad dream (the kind of dream point to adultery). But if it's a hindu women, then the meaning is completely opposite, because dance and even sexual symbols are part of the hindu religion. Symbols are the same, but not the dreamer. And for a hindu woman, it's mean that she's assiduous in his religions's practices.

If you haven't any experience and are completely lost in interpreting your dream, just think of the overall sensation that you have. If you have enjoyed your dream or you are a very good mood at your awake, then the dream will be positive in general. In return, if you feel distressed, have fear or something like that, that the dream will be negative even you have seen symbols with good meaning.

Look at this last example to see what i means : 

A man dream that he give the Call to prayer (Azan) in midnight in a  mosque. The Azan was so loud that all who living near the mosque have been wake up. The man has seen that all the houses near the mosque have turned on their light to see what happen.

At the morning, the man tell everyone of this good dream because he was thinking that it's a good dream. And if we rely only on symbols, it is because the Call of prayer in dream means that we call others toward religion or that we giving good advice.

But... we must see this dream in logical manner. Do you know any call to prayers in the midnight in Islam ? There aren't, so the begin of the dream tell us that there are a problem in this dream. The true meaning of this dream is that this man will commit a such big stealing that he'll affect many houses in this town. Of course, the man haven't accept this meaning...